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And it’s going on right now as we speak….

Here’s a story I only learned about yesterday and my #1 thought is “why aren’t we hearing about this??” Do you know anything about this?

Several million, yes, you read that right, millions of farmers have walked or been brought to the capital of India, Delhi, where they are camped out along the roads and byways, to peacefully protest the government’s intervention into the lives and very survival of small farms and farmers there. They are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it any more. They are fully supported by the farmers and doctors from the rural villages that surround Delhi. Ever since I was a young college student I’ve wondered how it is that farmers (to me a sacred profession) are such a political punching bag from government and, now, via mega-corporations. My farm family in Kansas always did what we were told (good Germans, I guess) and now I see it was basically never in our best interest to do so. I guess that explains why I’m so drawn to the HERD QUITTERS and the visionaries. who lead the way. This is the excellent interview that Tom Cowan MD did with Indra Singh about the peaceful gathering of farmers in India. He has been embedded within the protest and has valuable insights. Now you may think “India, Schmindia, what does that have to do with us here in the US?” Well actually quite a lot, and I believe that this massive movement is going to possibly change the whole world forever. Farmers really do have the power to control the destiny of the planet as well all of mankind, we just forgot that. it’s really about the hideous abuses that the British Empire imposed upon this agriculturally-driven country which then left them wide-open after the got rid of the Brits. Left as vulnerable prey now to American Corporations and their ilk! It is noted in the interview that basically 4 Corporations RUN all agricultural policies for the entire United States. It goes on from there. Note too that this story has very important overtones of how the global lockdown has aided and abetted the causes of Big Ag and Big Pharma. Very worthwhile! PS Bitchute is a rather new social media which has come into existence because of the RABID GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP of the more common social media sources. Almost all of my holistic friends and alternative thinkers have been banned on FB, Twitter, You Tube and the rest. It’s one of the most disturbing aspects of a bigger picture of Big Brother right here in River City. If your people haven’t been banned yet, just wait….

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