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Holistic Livestock Consulting Services
Free Range Cows
Proven, reliable, & dependable NATURAL solutions for your livestock health problems

Pharmaceuticals are a widely used "tool" in the production of livestock agriculture today. However, market and regulatory forces are limiting the use of these drugs. Would you like to learn how to reduce or eliminate your NEED for pharmaceutical products in (or on) your livestock? Would you like to participate in the premium "drug-free" natural livestock markets? Will Winter is an expert at teaching livestock owners and managers how to eliminate their NEED for pharmaceuticals in livestock production.

over 30 years of experience

With over 30 years of livestock and farm planning experience, and thanks to deep research including hundreds of farm and ranch visits, I offer:

  • The ability to “cut to the chase” so that we can quickly identify and analyze any existing problems or herd-health issues.

  • Suggestions for immediate and practical short-term solutions to any ongoing problems.

  • The creation of long-term holistic management plans to prevent the recurrence of issues or problems.

  • Help to strengthen and narrow the farm or ranch vision.

  • The most-direct, least-complicated, most-affordable, and most-natural program possible.

  • Additional information as required via our long-term affiliations with the very best experts in soil, plant, animal, and human health. 

  • Assistance in finding access to the best tools and the very latest in information for all livestock production.




1)  THE BASIC  PLAN  This is our most popular option. It is, by far, the easiest, quickest, and most affordable means to achieve the desired results. The fee covers several hours of research and consulting, which is $500.  It is paid in advance via check, PayPal, Venmo, or credit card. We then send a detailed intake form. Once completed and returned, this form gives us a snapshot of the current situation, determines if any short-term plans are required, and then guides us as we work together to find the path towards achieving the long-term goals. 


Next, the consultant will set up a phone meeting at the earliest mutually convenient opportunity as well as an email interface (if possible) so we can review the form, make recommendations, and listen to any other concerns. After this, the new holistic herd health plan will evolve. The phone consultation(s) and written plans will typically take up the remaining two hours of the consultation time. Producers may send additional photographs, lab tests, or other data at any time.  At the end of the consultation, we will usually include a listing of what products, equipment, or supplies might be needed. We work with the highest quality and most affordable suppliers in the country. We only recommend remedies and products that we know will work.  If more consultation time is desired, it can be ordered at any time. Each client will then have the option to receive our FREE listings of updates, news, and continued informational services. 

2) ON-FARM VISITS  In general, we are able to achieve excellent results by compiling a file of photographs, videos, emails, lab tests and telephone consulting, and we are able to save money for the producer by working in our offices utilizing the best in modern electronic tools. However, if on-site visits are desired, they may be acquired at any time during the consulting process. The fee is $1000 per day of consulting (usually one day) as well as coverage of basic travel costs, which includes $500/day of the consultant's travel time. 


3) HOURLY If you have a specific problem (non-emergency) and need help with it right away we can set up an hour ($150) consultation with Will Winter DVM. (Disclaimer: all advice is the opinion of the consultant and is based on years of previous experiences, literature reviews and study, contact and with other holistic practitioners. It is not designed as medical advice, nor for veterinary diagnosis or treatment, all final decisions are to be the responsibility of the livestock producer or by consulting a local licensed veterinarian)


For any questions about consulting, or to set up a consultation plan, click the button below:

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