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Local Food


No producer of artisanal, local and nutrient-dense food can stay in business without loyal customers who are willing to go the extra mile for the privilege of purchasing quality food for their family. Quite often these potential customers have no idea how ot find the good stuff. To that end I have been working to create channels and pathways for the farmer/rancher to make a direct connection to the person who will be eating that food. 


RECENT EDIT:   Sadly, the UPTOWN LOCAVORE- A PRIVATE BUYING CLUB is now closed. As it turns out we had a difference of opinion on the legality of BUYING RAW MILK in MN. It was a David and Goliath kind of battle, only in this case (MN Dept of Ag), the giant, won. Don't think we didn't fight it, we did, in fact I'd estimate that the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund spent probably $50K on this issue, and I lost even more personally. We finally came to the conclusion that the giant could do this forever until we were completely depleted. NB that we had zero complaints, no one got sick, nothing, it was just that the "hot button" seemingly all over the country is whether we have the legal free will choice to purchase the foods that we feel we need. We had over 250 families, most of whom had a family member that was either ill or that needed this kind of wholesome food to stay healthy. Everyone loses. Should there be another chance to reopen, I will definitely let you know

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