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Summary of Experiment- Apple Cider Vinegar Research By Tom Franzen for Practical Farmers of Iowa.

1) Pigs were given feed to which 5 gallons of raw ACV was added per ton. Half the pigs were raised exactly the same but without the vinegar.

2) The ACV pigs ate less feed (105# less/pig) but gained more weight more quickly! The study took them from 40# to an average of 260#.

3) Average carcass yield on the ACV pigs was 78.3% (a historic high!) whereas the non-ACV pigs only averaged 74% (farm normal).

4) The ACV cost $10/pig total, and the ACV pigs sold for $30 more, giving them a $20/pig EXTRA PROFIT.

5) All the ACV pigs appeared healthier (by independent observation), and were in better condition than the non-ACV pigs.

6) The study is being enthusiastically repeated for improved scientific accuracy.

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