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1) Crop and Pasture Sources:

A) NATURE’S BEST, LLC. Out of Inwood, Iowa. Roger TeSlaa is the founder and proprietor. They make what I consider to be the absolute best

soil and foliar biologicals to use. Their prices are very affordable and they guarantee results on crop and grass production. Roger also makes some

of the nutriceutical products that I have added to the product list at Grass Farmer Supply. cell 605-370-2249 or

B) PRAIRIE CREEK SEED. Visit Karl (or his son Kyle) Dallefield for the absolute best advice and seed stock for every kind of production. They specialize in seed cocktails for various plantings. Karl has designed special formulae for my sheep grazing mix as well as my hog grazing pasture mix. As an agronomist for over 30 years, practicing all over the US, Karl has developed a good sense of the best seeds for any location or purpose. They operate near Decora, Iowa

Reach them at or 563-590-7929

C) GEOFIELD SYSTEMS See below for much more information. This is the source for the ultimate EMF mitigation devices.

2) Livestock Health Products

A) GRASS FARMER SUPPLY, Operating out of the headquarters for Thousand Hills Cattle Co out of Becker, MN. This is the company I founded about 15 years ago which I sold to THCC about 5 years ago. Same great company only much better! Get a free print catalog or visit the excellent website. Go to or call them at 763-262-3115. They are available for warehouse pickup or they have excellent rates for shipping, especially from the very nearby Speedee Delivery. This is designed to be a “one shop stop” where you can get just about everything one needs for all species pastured animals. Owner Matt Maier has managed to keep prices as close to wholesale as possible, which means wholesale + shipping is less costly than buying from a retail store in your vicinity!

B) SEA-AGRI This Atlanta-based company specializes in selling Sea-90 Salt. This high mineral salt (over 20%) which comes from drying ponds in a secluded area in the Mexican Baha peninsula, is the most nutritious salt one can find anywhere! All the other ancient sea salts (Redmonds and Kansas Grey) average about 3% minerals other than sodium chloride. Sea-90 is used either as a soil amendment or as a livestock mineral salt. They are now expanding their line to include other livestock supplements as well as Baja Gold which is the salt on our kitchen and dining room tables! Contact: 914-330-4090

C) GOLDEN VALLEY VINEGAR This is the one and only source for the famous whole apple Idaho apple cider vinegar. Sure there are cheaper ACV sources but they are a fraction of the healing and digestive efficiency tonics that this one provides. You can get the best prices and shipping ideas from Steve Campbell, the main purveyor of livestock vinegar anywhere. Reach him at or 208-315-4726

D) WILBUR-ELLIS If you live west of the Mississippi, or in Canada, this is the place to get Craftsman Gold livestock mineral. They have manufacturers prices on the mineral plus they can do their own shipping with trucks that criss-cross the nation. Reach them at 503-655-0092

E) HUMUSOLVER This is a fine, family run and owned company. They are the purveyor of the black earth products known as humic and fulvic acids. They have a full array of crop products as well as a human-use supplement that I have used with great success. Highly recommended. Contact Len Nuest, 574-581-1989 or

3) Human Health Products and Services

A) SWANSON’S VITAMINS A private company out of Fargo, ND sells brand name products for close to wholesale prices. They also have their own brand name for very high quality products from A-Z. They send out a very nice print catalog with monthly updates and discount sale prices as well as some of the latest articles on new concepts in supplements. Call them at 800-47-4148 (friendly, knowledgable operators!) or just go to

B) PRIMAL LABS This is a new company that I’ve been getting products from following their infomercial that I came across. They are aggressive marketers but their products actually work! Contact them at or 888-509-0856

C) ESSENTIAL ENERGY I met DAN STACHOFSKY (Sta-HAS-key) about two years ago and was very impressed with his explanation of how EMF (5G, power lines, cell towers, satellites, etc) are affecting our health and immunity. I purchased two neck pendants, one for me and one for my wife, and I’ve rarely taken them off since! Later, we ordered the 5” Light Tower for our house to protect the entire house, yard and garden. Shortly thereafter I sold it to a friend and purchased the 7” Light Tower. We feel the safety and harmonizing from it every day. I even take it on trips. Since then I have purchased his EMF meters and I now measure the pollution on every farm I visit. It’s bad and only going to get worse. The website is fascinating, ( or Contact Dan direct at 206-660-9603

D) HAY CREEK HEMP I found them while visiting Amish farms in the Central Wisconsin area and found out that they were growing hemp for the production of CBD oil. This is no ordinary oil, as they have been not only organic, but also soil “scientists” growing crops and livestock in their area for about 100 years. When they acquired the Cherry Wine hemp seeds from Bolder, Co, the plants practically leapt out of the ground rising to 6-8’ in height with a stalk so big we needed to borrow a power saw to cut them. They dry them in their organic greenhouses, and extract the precious oil using a cold press that was designed and patented right in their local town. The result is powerful, capturing over 3000 mg of CBD per ounce, and it’s very high in the anti-cancer, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation cannabinoid CBDa. I help them sell it to others so you can contact me either at this website or by cell phone 612-756-1232

E) How could I leave out THOUSAND HILLS LIFETIME GRAZED CATTLE CO! Since 2003 they have been aggregating and selling gourmet, all-natural, and 100% grass-fed beef. Starting in Cannon Falls, MN and for the past 5 years in Becker, MN this is an incredible place to sell your 100% grass-fed cattle (and now hogs!), the producer requirements can be found on their website. This is also the optimal place to purchase delicious 100% grassfed beef! You can find THCC beef in coops and fine grocery stores all over the US, you can also purchase direct or on line from their website at or call 763-262-3133

4) Other Very Important Resources to know about

A) ACRES-USA MAGAZINE. I’ve been a fan and subscriber for over 20 years and will never quit. They also have the world’s largest eco-ag bookstore which is both mail-order (ask for a print catalog) or available at their annual Acres-USA Conference Go to for much more information!

B) STOCKMAN GRASSFARMER MAGAZINE. Another stalwart for any livestock steward. Published as a monthly magazine/newspaper for over 30 years by founder Allan Nation (now edited by Joel Salatin) it’s got a world of advice and information.

C) PHARO CATTLE COMPANY Owned and operated by Kit Pharo from the front range of Colorado, this is the primo place to shop for and buy “grass-genetics bulls” and other seed stock. Kit has been working on his genetics for decades and aggregates bulls from several dozen ranches around the country.

D) RAW BISTRO PET FOOD This is one of the finest raw pet food companies I’ve ever known. They cut no corners and use many sustainably-raised, organic or grass-based meats with no filler and no GMO ingredients. Based in Cannon Falls, MN, they are available in select pet stores across the US. Contact them at or call 612-644-0231

E) HIGH TAIL HORSE RESCUE AND SANCTUARY- This healing center is a forever home for horses, ponies, goats, donkeys, mini-pigs, turkeys, pea fowl, guinea fowl and others. Owner and patron saint, Charlotte Tuhy, her family and others accept sheriff seizures, and other abandoned or unwanted horses from all sources and save a phenomenal number of injured or abused horses, showering them with love, attention, nutrition and holistic treatment modalities. They operate on a shoestring and it’s a great place to DONATE to their heart-felt cause. Follow their cases on facebook, or call at 701-526-3734. They are in far western MN at 28953 15th Ave N, Hawley, MN 56549. Every penny donated goes to saving animals.

NORMANDE GENETICS- This is one of the most exciting examples of a breed association that walks the walk. Meet JEROME CHATEAU, a French Veterinarian who has moved to Minnesota to represent this beautiful and healthy breed of cattle. Find Jerome at or 612-823-7212 Lots of pictures on the site and it's where you can order semen. Jerome typically takes all the trophies at the Minnesota State Fair! and has won

Blue Ribbon honors from the French Government for his work.

SHADE HAVEN Maybe you have seen these brilliant portable shade mobiles but his you haven't you need to visit their website. They are amazing! They basically fold up like a Japanese fan, and can even roll down the highway at speed, plus they are very easy to move around the pasture (which also helps you control grazing patterns). This is their 10th anniversary and business is good. They are becoming even more important as the world heats up. They also show data from producer that proves that the metabolic advantages of not being in the hot sun all day pays back and pays for the devices in a short time. Check out They are now headquartered in Viroqua, WI 855-247-42233, the president is Reed Doerr


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