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I'm learning out to use one o' them camm-pute-hers!

I know, about time right? In my case I was totally spoiled by the help from a professional web person so I figured why should we try teaching an old dog new tricks? Here's why...when your computer guru leaves, you are helpless!

Anyway,with this experimental blog post, I'm hoping to start sharing more of my story. I hope you find it interesting!

In this case, here is a 4 year old Murray Gray bull who lives in the Fingerlakes Region of upstate NY. His name is Invincible and he has fathered two calf crops already in his young life. His offspring are about as good as it gets for 100% grassfed gourmet beef! The cattle get fat and can go to town as early as 16 months, and rarely longer than 18 months. This is basically unheard of in our industry and it cuts basically a whole winter off of their grazing time! In this photo you can see a tiny hotwire that basically protects me from Invincible but he's about as gentle as a puppy dog. We tend to avoid taking chances with any bull, boar, ram or buck, but my prediction is that he would be a sweetheart even without the hot wire! More about bulls later! Thanks for listening!


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